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a) Improve the quality of life of Shediac residents through financing and service offerings to non-profit organizations dedicated to providing community programs.
b) Establish guidelines allowing Council and Municipal Management to encourage groups, organizations and associations in their efforts to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Shediac.
c) Promote the development of new special activities and events in order to meet the current and future needs and interests of the citizens of the town of Shediac.
d) Provide financial support, goods and/or services to individuals and organizations within Shediac's territory..



a) "Town" means the municipality of Shediac.
b) "Agency" is the group, organization, association or individual requesting funding.
c) "Project" means the special activity or event proposed by the agency.
d) "Monetary asset" is the amount predetermined by the Town for a subsidy.
e) "Services" means the service(s) predetermined by the Town for a subsidy.


Criteria and requirements

a) Only non-profit or charitable agencies may apply for funding.
b) The agency must be recognized, at Council's discretion, as working within the municipal territory and having its head office in Shediac.
c) The Town of Shediac will favour, with regards to this policy, the community, sports, education and recreation sectors.
d) Service offerings as part of projects proposed by agencies must be accessible to the whole population of Shediac at a minimum cost.
e) The project leaves behind a legacy by contributing to the development of the quality of life of the town.
f) Requests will be evaluated based on the following proposed project criteria: innovation, benefits for the citizens, partnerships, organizational capacity and stability, availability of funds.
g) The admissible project can generate a profit. This profit must be reinvested in the project or invested in the community in various forms.
h) The heads of agencies must fill out the application form and provide a list of goods and services requested.
i) Applications must be submitted no later than October 31st of each year.
j) Requests will be examined and evaluated by a municipal management team made up of the concerned heads. Council has the final authority with regards to decisions on financial matters or allocation of goods or services under this policy.
k) The agency will be notified in writing no later than January 31st of the municipality's contribution, whether in the form of grants, goods, services or other as well as any condition having to be met to access the municipality's contribution.
l) Requests for subsidies or grants below $500.00 will be referred to the policy on grants 95-22.
m) Shediac Town Council reserves the right to impose conditions specific to its involvement, whether in the form of subsidies or other.



a) The Town shall pay 70% of the monetary subsidy upon its approval, except in the case of financial campaigns where 100% could be covered. The second instalment will be made once the project is complete and following the granting and approval of a final professional project financial report and statement.
b) The subsidy granted can be used to cover expenditures in the operating budget presented by the project's organizing committee.
c) The Town is recognized as a sponsor of the project and obtains the related benefits, i.e. the Town receives the same visibility as the other sponsors under the same category or importance.


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