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The Shediac Downtown Development Corporation, now known as Centre-ville Shediac Downtown Inc., was established in 1984 in order to be able to take advantage of the various programs set up by Heritage Canada under the Main Street Foundation. That same year the Corporation commissioned the consulting firm of Lea & Benoit to draft a document (Lea & Benoit 1984) for the revitalization of the downtown core in order to take advantage of funding available through the Government of New Brunswick for the improvement of the downtown sector by constructing or repairing sidewalks, parking lots, infrastructure (water and sewer) or by purchasing street furniture and fixtures. The second Revitalization Guide prepared by Architecture 2000 in 1991 enabled merchants in the downtown core to obtain funding from the Provincial Government for the improvement of their façades.


Centre-ville Shediac Downtown Inc. manages the Business Improvement Area (BIA) within the territory of the Town of Shediac with limits set up under the Business Improvement Act of New Brunswick. The BIA is a geographical area delineated within the urban core consisting mainly of non-residential properties. The concept of a BIA is to allow non-residential property owners and business owners to work together to manage the downtown core of a municipality in order to turn this area into a destination that is favored in regards to resources and businesses. The Corporation is made up of business owners and operators who are voting members. There are currently over 135 businesses and offices in the Shediac Business Improvement Area, an area which extends from Chesley Street to Ste-Anne Street.

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logo downtownshediac

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Victor Boudreau

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Sylvain Montreuil

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