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Situated on the Northumberland Strait off the Atlantic Ocean, the Town of Shediac has a lot to offer not only on a tourism level but also on a residential and commercial level. The vision of Council, which focuses on Smart Growth, has enabled the Town of Shediac to experience a sharp expansion over the last few years which is reflected in a significant population increase as well as a considerable improvement in commercial development.


The Town of Shediac is also recognized as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern Canada. Upon their arrival, visitors are introduced to the legendary warmth and hospitality of our citizens. Visitors are impressed with the quality of our beautiful sandy beaches with the warmest salt water in Canada, the delectable seafood served by top notch restaurants, as well as the numerous tourist attractions which are just a foretaste of what Shediac has to offer. At the entrance of our beautiful coastal community, you will be greeted by a giant lobster sculpture which validates our claim as THE LOBSTER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.


Incorporated in 1903, the Town of Shediac continues to expand and prosper but visitors are still impressed by its quaint charm and beauty, by its family-oriented character and by the courteousness of its residents. A great place to live in, Shediac has a remarkable past and history and the community has a very promising future. The Town of Shediac has all the advantages of larger urban centres but with the added bonus of the warmth and ambiance of small coastal communities.


We are extremely proud of the bilingual nature of our municipality and also tremendously proud of the fact that the two founding nations have lived in harmony within the community for over a hundred years. Our rich Acadian heritage gives our town its own particular charm. We invite you to visit the ancestral home of the first Acadian politician appointed to the Senate, or to appreciate the architecture of the old CN Station which witnessed the advent of the first passenger railway line in the Maritimes. Come savor our delicious seafood served in quality restaurants; but above all, come discover for yourselves the warmth and hospitality of our residents and the many other beauties that Shediac has to offer.


To the citizens of Shediac, to the merchants who do business in our municipality and to all other stakeholders who have had a hand in the success of our community, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the role that you played in making Shediac one of the most pleasant and most welcome places to visit, to work in or to live in.


Roger Caissie


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